Wood Fired Peppadew and Calabrese Pizza Recipe

Wood Fired Peppadew and Calabrese Pizza Recipe

Have you ever cooked with peppadew peppers? They are a small pepper with a unique taste that is both sweet yet spicy and make a fantastic pair with calabrese salami. If you're looking to take your pizza game to the next level, then you have to try this Peppadew and Calabrese Pizza recipe on your WPPO oven!

 Pizza dough
 Mozzarella balls
 Peppadew Peppers
 Tomato sauce
 Calabrese
 Bacon jam

1. Start by firing up your WPPO oven. Use smaller pieces of wood in a Lincoln Log fashion with some fire starters and light them on fire. Once those are going you can add some larger pieces of wood. While that is heating up prepare the pizza.

2. Grate some fresh mozzarella balls that have been in the freezer for about an
hour beforehand.

3. Roughly dice some peppadew peppers. Set peppers and mozzarella aside.

4. Throw some flour on a cutting board and shape your dough into a 12 inch thin
crust pizza.

5. To top the pizza, spread some tomato sauce all over the crust and sprinkle on
the mozzarella cheese. Then add some thinly sliced calabrese and roughly
chopped peppadew peppers. Last, add some dollops of bacon jam on the pizza.

6. Place the pizza in the WPPO oven. After about a minute, rotate it. When the
pizza has nice color and the crust is ready, remove it.

Now enjoy! We hope you Get Fired Up over this Peppadew and Calabrese pizza!

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