Oven Baked Chicken Wings

Oven Baked Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are the perfect option whether you are getting fired up for game day, planning a family dinner, or just enjoying a night cooking out on your patio. This recipe is one of our favorites to cook on our wood-fired ovens with its crispy skin and amazing smoked flavors.


  • Chicken wings
  • Big Swede BBQ Badass Bird Boost
  • Wing Sauce
  • Dipping sauces of your choice
  1. First, we are going to trim the chicken wings and season them. Trim the tip of the chicken wing and discard this. Then separate the drum and the flat/wingette. Season these richly on both sides with Big Swede BBQ Badass Bird Boost. 
  2. Place a grate over an aluminum pan. We will use this to cook the wings on so that air circulation can get under the wings while they are baking. Then place the wings on the grate and set them aside with the seasoning on while we fire up the pizza oven. 
  3. Now let’s fire up the oven! Turn on the gas, put it on pilot, and press the igniter button. Turn the temperature to high. Let the oven warm up for about 30 minutes.
  4. When the oven gets warm add a couple of wood chunks to the wood chunk holder and place it in the oven near the flame.
  5. Now lower the temperature back to pilot and you can place the pan or pans of chicken in the oven. Rotate the pan every 6-7 minutes. 
  6. When the chicken wings are starting to get a nice color, remove them from the oven and flip them over. Place the pan back in the oven and cook until they reach an inner temperature of about 200°. You may need to rotate the pan a couple of more times while baking. 
  7. When they are thoroughly cooked remove them from the oven and put them in an aluminum pan. Drizzle them with your favorite wing sauce. We enjoy Melinda’s Cayenne Habanero wing sauce for a good heat! Toss them around and it’s time to serve! Pair with your favorite ranch or blue cheese dressing. 
  8. Enjoy!

This is an easy recipe that is sure to please everyone. Gather your friends, fire up the oven, and dive into these perfect game day wings! Let us know what you think!



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