Firing Up Potential: Donating a Pizza Oven to Our Local High School

Firing Up Potential: Donating a Pizza Oven to Our Local High School

Today, we’re thrilled to share the exciting news that we are donating a WPPO Do it Yourself Oven to our local high school in Warren, IL. We hope this fantastic Oven will teach eager students the art of making delicious pizzas and provide a valuable tool for the school’s cooking class and other groups.  

It all started earlier this year when the Food teacher at Warren High School, Mrs. Koester, contacted us about a field trip for her students to our WPPO Headquarters. On March 25th, we invited the students and Mrs. Koester over for their tour.   

The day kicked off with a brief introduction to wood-fired ovens—how they work, our different models, and the distinctive flavor they impart to pizzas. Our team shared insights into the science behind achieving the perfect crust, explaining how the intense heat of these ovens crisps the dough while infusing it with a delicious wood-fired essence. We also gave them a look around our warehouse and made them some bacon-wrapped donut holes! They were a hit!  

Fast-forward to this past week, and Mrs. Koeseter’s students were on their pizza-making chapter for class. One of our employees, Keith, packed up our Lava oven and headed over to Warren High School. Keith helped the kids use our Oven to make their homemade pizzas in the best way possible—wood-fired!   

Pizza Dan has been in contact with Warren High School’s principal Andrew Janecke about donating a WPPO Do It Yourself Oven to the school. We believe it will be a great hands-on learning experience for the school’s Ship program to build the Oven together and for the cooking class and other school groups to use it whenever they want. We will be delivering the Oven this coming week and cannot wait to see what the kids create! 

This gift will continue to inspire and educate future generations of culinary enthusiasts. This donation represents our commitment to fostering a love for authentic, artisanal cooking and empowering young talents to explore the culinary world. 

Get Fired Up!