Take it with you! Portables from WPPO LLC

PortyQ fast heating fan controlled charcoal bbq from WPPO LLC.

PortyQ Portable BBQ

Easy light, fast heating take it anywhere Portable Charcoal BBQ from WPPO LLC. Fan controlled for fast controlled heat. Tailgating, Camping, Beach you name it PortyQ can go with you and for only $129.99 which includes handy zippered carrying bag.


Lil Luigi 401ss portable wood fired oven.

The only Portable Oven with down draft air system designed to work with  wood chunks, charcoal, lump coal and pellets that works. Lil Luigi is comfortable cooking at 600 degrees but is capable of reaching 900. Have your favorite Wood Fired Dishes anywhere. Not Just For Pizza Anymore.



Do you like your Le Peppe red or black?

Le Peppe is an oven of color. If you don't want the shine of Stainless Steel and you want to save a little money, Le Peppe is what you are looking for. Same great function of Lil Luigi without the shiny steel. Get Fired Up with Le Peppe for only $299.99

Portable Ovens Specs and Sell Sheet

Sales sheet and Specs on PortyQ, Lil Luigi and Le Peppe

PortyQ Sell Sheet (pdf)


WPPO LLC Portables (pdf)