Lava Oven Series

Professional Lava Digital Controlled Wood Fired Oven With Convection Fan

Innovation has never tasted so good! Are you ready to take your wood-fired cooking to the next level? WPPO's newest pro-series line is the perfect blend of authentic wood-fired cooking and high-tech control. While its convection fan can circulate heat and reignite the flame with ease to create a consistent heat and healthy fire, the digital thermostat helps monitor both deck and air temperatures. This oven comes in 3 sizes, (28", 40", and 48"), includes a meat probe, and features an eye-catching mosaic outer shell. Overall, the lava series is great space-saving option that accommodates a single pizza or dish at a time.


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Karma Ovens available in 28", 40", and 48"


Lava 28"


Lava 40"


Lava 48"

Lava Series Oven Specs / Sell Sheets

Specs and sale page for WPPO Lava Series Ovens.

WPPO, LLC Lava 28", 40", & 48" Sell Sheet

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